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Keith Funk

Posted on: 04/21/2016

It was a fall from a ladder that set Keith Funk off on a path that would ultimately lead to Colorado Limb Consultants (CLC). After receiving a referral from another doctor, Funk found himself in Dr. David Hahn's office. True to his friendly and straightforward nature, Dr. Hahn made it clear to Funk that he had two options: amputation of the leg or an external fixator.

Taken aback by the rigidness of the two options, Funk set out for second and third professional opinions. It was on this search for answers that he realized that his best chance for recovery was with Dr. Hahn and the rest of the CLC team.

Getting to Know Each Other

Funk decided to trust Dr. Hahn and go with the external fixator. This would be the beginning of a several year relationship, with both Dr. Hahn and external fixators, but with a treatment in full swing Funk took a quick liking to Dr. Hahn.

“He makes you feel like you’re the most important person he’s treating,” explained Funk. “Dr. Hahn always spoke to my intelligence and I really appreciated that kind of care.”

Dr. Hahn’s personable approach facilitated the healing process, and the same CLC approach was translated over to Frame Camp.

Back at Camp

Frame Camp is Dr. Hahn’s holistic approach to treatment. Patients undergoing similar procedures gather to interact with each other, learn from an entire team of doctors and provide communal support in the process.

“The best part of Frame Camp was being able to talk to doctors who specialized in fields I would later need treatment in,” said Funk. “It was also great being a part of such a warm environment where all the patients could share solutions to the medical problems we were facing.”

Plastic surgeons, business representatives for the medical equipment and physical therapists all collaborated on a holistic strategy for Funk’s recovery.

“Not only was Frame Camp convenient, but it gave me peace of mind knowing that the doctors were all on the same page,” Funk explained. “They were all able to make their treatment fit with the care I was receiving from each doctor.”

Funk is currently finished with his external fixator treatment and is now in a walking boot, with plans to be fully recovered and back to his normal routine by the fall.

Posted on: 04/21/2016

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