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Meredith Miller

Posted on: 06/23/2015

Meredith Miller first began experiencing pain in her right hip during a vacation she took to Europe and after she returned home the pain only worsened. She has been a regular patient of the Orthopaedic Physicians of Colorado for years, so she immediately went to see her regular physician and he referred her to Dr. Joseph Assini to treat her hip pain. After seeking a second opinion for good measure, Meredith knew Dr. Assini was the best choice.

Dr. Assini recommended a total hip replacement and explained Meredith’s options to her. On October 27, 2014, just a few weeks after the consultation, she underwent an anterior hip replacement surgery for her right hip at Swedish Medical Center. She spent only three days recovering in the hospital and underwent a little over a week of physical therapy in her home. After just a month, Meredith’s hip had improved immensely.

“I don’t feel any hip pain anymore, which is absolutely amazing. I can keep up with my grandchild again, am back to riding my bike and can finally go shopping without having to take breaks to sit on a bench,” said Meredith. “I am very impressed with the outcome of the surgery and the professionalism of the physicians and staff.”
Posted on: 06/23/2015

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