• Linda C

    hip , nsmc


    Over a year after Linda C. began suffering from arthritis pain in her right hip, she decided to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic physician. She had made an appointment at a clinic near her home, but quickly canceled once she talked with North Denver Bone and Joint Specialists to book her hip surgery.

  • Susan Wilson

    hip , swedish , woodward


    Susan Wilson tripped and fell in a department store and couldn't get up. She was taken to Swedish Medical Center where they discovered she needed hip replacement surgery.

  • Bryan Swift

    chang , hip , rose


    Hear from Bryan Swift about his experience treating hip pain with Dr. Dennis Chang.

  • Susan Bruce

    chang , hip , rose


    Hear from Susan Bruce, about her experience having hip replacement surgery with Dr. Dennis Chang, Denver Center for Joint Replacement.

  • Hip Hip Horray

    hip , morgan , swedish-trauma


    I hobbled into Dr. Morgan's office, as a 64 year old, with arthritic hips. After 60 years of baseball, soccer, squash, and polo the ol' hips were just worn out.

  • MOTUS Docs and Staff

    hip , morgan , swedish-trauma


    A patient discusses an experience with the Swedish Trauma team that brought almost immediate relief from chronic hip pain.

  • Meredith Miller

    assini , hip , swedish


    Meredith Miller first began experiencing pain in her right hip during a vacation she took to Europe and after she returned home the pain only worsened.

  • Patricia W.

    hip , swedish , woodward


    After experiencing severe hip pain and feeling like she was living on aspirin, Patricia began researching her options.