• Berith Jacobsen

    assini , swedish


    Video: Berith Jacobsen fell down her basement stairs and injured her leg. As an active person, she continued playing golf, skiing, and staying outside, but the chronic pain would not go away. Watch her story to learn how her experience at OrthoONE changed her life.

  • Roland Glenn

    assini , knee , swedish


    Roland Glenn never knew how much pain he was in until he became pain-free.

  • Glenda Holden

    assini , knee , swedish


    For most of Glenda Holden’s life, she has had pain and mobility issues related to her knees.

  • Meredith Miller

    assini , hip , swedish


    Meredith Miller first began experiencing pain in her right hip during a vacation she took to Europe and after she returned home the pain only worsened.