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Hip Hip Horray

Posted on: 12/03/2015

I hobbled into Dr. Morgan's office, as a 64 year old, with arthritic hips. After 60 years of baseball, soccer, squash, and polo the ol' hips were just worn out. I had done the research and concluded that the anterior approach was best for me. The reasons for the anterior approach were a shorter recovery period, less damage to the surrounding supportive tissue and fewer restrictions after recovery. Dr. Morgan told me that I would know when to do it. It wasn't three months later that I decided that I needed the surgery.

I scheduled the pre-surgical appointment when we decided which hip to do first, the component replacement parts, and the time which was 6 weeks between surgeries. The pre-surgical steps were easy to schedule, and informative. I showed up for the first surgery at 7:00 AM was ushered right in at Swedish Medical Center. I was in and out of surgery by 9:00 AM. The first surgery was under general anesthesia and by 2:00PM the day of surgery I was on my feet walking to rehab.

In 6 weeks I was walking without aid over 2 miles in short segments.

Posted on: 12/03/2015

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