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Denise Rast

Posted on: 11/19/2015

After enduring a car accident at a young age, 58-year-old Denise Rast suffered from severe ankle pain for the last ten years. While initially afraid to undergo ankle surgery, Denise changed her mind after meeting Dr. Fran Faro of Orthopaedic Physicians of Colorado (OPC).

Denise refers to Dr. Faro as "the women who changed my life," and describes her as "brilliant, passionate and confident."

Following a knee replacement by OPC Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. John Woodward, Denise was able to have ankle surgery using a prosthetic ankle joint put in with a guide produced by a 3D printer. Dr. Faro’s knowledge and confidence encouraged Denise to try this new type of procedure.

Following the successful surgery, Denise is able to do all the things that were limited before; from paddle boating to biking and even snorkeling. She is ecstatic about being able to play with her five grandchildren and hike along coastal trails during her travels. She is also enjoying sporting a new style, "no more orthopedic shoes!"

Posted on: 11/19/2015

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