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Cherie Garcia

Posted on: 12/03/2015

Suffering from knee pain, Cherie was referred to Dr. Eric Porritt of North Denver Bone and Joint Specialists by her primary care physician near the end of 2014. Looking to strengthen her knee and ease the pain, Cherie was searching for a doctor that could be both effective and supportive in their services. She shares that Dr. Porritt’s team has been both personable and caring through her intensive physical therapy sessions.

“The people are so great to work with and I feel genuinely cared for there. Dr. Porritt listened to my fears and concerns, and took the time to talk through them with me.”

Through different treatments such as cortisone shots and physical therapy, Cherie has seen progress with her knee. The treatments help with the pain and Cherie knows she will continue to see improvement. She shares that in her experience with clinics and hospitals, it has been hard to find such genuine emotional support and care. She is grateful to the staff for providing expertise and ongoing support and encouragement throughout the healing process.

Posted on: 12/03/2015

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