• Dean Story

    In the past few years, Dean Story experienced shoulder pain that was affecting his life. After getting it checked out, he learned that not only was the cartilage gone but there was also a mass. Pathology reports indicated that it was a chondrosarcoma, an aggressive cancer that needed to be removed. Dr. Daniel Lerman, Orthopedic Oncologist at the Institute for Limb Preservation, in partnership with the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute, at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center was onboard to remove the tumor.

  • Mallory Hummer

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    One day, Mallory Hummer noticed a strange bump on her wrist. Pathology reports revealed she had a giant cell tumor of the tendon sheath. In January 2017, she had it removed and a short time later, she was ready to start her family and became pregnant with twins. Once pregnant, the tumor began to grow back quickly and the pathology report showed a very rare, aggressive tumor called Epithelioid Sarcoma.

  • Julia Beckley

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    Video: Patient Avoids Surgery & Eliminates Pain Through Stem Cell Transplant Procedure with Dr. Cindy Kelly

  • Brian Kirkpatrick

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    Colorado Springs man credits Dr. David Hahn for saving his leg, ankle and his life.

  • Crystal Padilla

    Dr. Cynthia Kelly's astute attention to treatment options helped save Crystal's arm.

  • Paul Paine

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    Paul Paine suffered from constant pain in his left knee for years and required the use of a cane. Recommended for surgery, his physician in Alamosa quickly realized his needs were outside of her scope when she opened him up for surgery. He was then referred to Dr. Cindy Kelly at OrthoONE.

  • Ethan Schlemer

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    In 2012, Ethan Schlemer received the surprise diagnosis of sarcoma in his leg and was immediately referred to Dr. Cindy Kelly

  • Wonderful Complex Orthopedic Care

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    Dr. Kelly and Rhonda are wonderful.

  • Keith Funk

    It was a fall from a ladder that set Keith Funk off on a path to Dr. Hahn who made it clear to Funk that he had two options: amputation of the leg or an external fixator.

  • Alice Garnanez

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    “Dr. Kelly, Rhonda and all of the office staff were exceptional”.

  • Limb Preservation

    Robin shares that Dr. Kelly was instrumental in helping to save her leg.

  • Kevin B.

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    “After years of knee problems and pain Dr. Kelly did a total replacement. It's been almost 30 years since my leg has been this stable and pain free. Thank you so much!”

  • William Little

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    Dr. Kelly is so knowledgeable, intelligent and always concerned.