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Team Approach to Concussion Care

Concussions may be very complicated and are high-risk injuries, which is why we take them very seriously. At OrthoONE’s Pediatric Center for Concussion, we believe it’s important to take a multi-disciplinary team approach when a child suffers a concussion. That team includes our own medical providers along with the child, their family members, educators and various members of the school’s athletic teams. Each individual brings a unique perspective essential in managing concussion-related signs and symptoms.

Managing Concussions in Youth Athletes

When a child with a concussion is seen at any HealthONE Emergency Department (Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center, North Suburban Medical Center, Rose Medical Center, The Medical Center of Aurora, Sky Ridge Medical Center or Swedish Medical Center), a concussion management program is set in motion. After leaving the emergency room, the child's school and primary care physician are notified of the child's concussion, so education and collaboration can begin immediately.

Even if a child hasn't been seen at a Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children Emergency Department, any child suspected of having a concussion can still be seen at the OrthoONE Pediatric Center for Concussion. We see patients' ages 5 to 20. We perform ImPACT Baseline Concussion Testing, a nationally recognized, research-based computer test used to establish a baseline of your child's responses. Visit our Concussion Timeline for things to consider in the first 24-72 hours after a concussion as well as the weeks that follow. Most kids with a concussion will get better over a period of about 3-4 weeks. Good concussion management may help speed the recovery. The Roadmap to Concussion Recovery is a booklet which will guide concussion management for those first few weeks after the injury.

Why You Should See a Concussion Specialist

During the first visit, your child will undergo a comprehensive evaluation by several of our concussion team members. A physician with a background in emergency and/or sports medicine with extensive training and experience with concussions will see your child. A psychologist with extensive school experience will also see your child. The psychologist will be the case manager and, with your permission, will communicate with your child’s school and provide recommendations to help the school understand the unique aspect of each concussion and specific recommendations.

We also have many specialists and therapists affiliated with our clinic to help treat the common complications that develop during a concussion. We believe that this active approach to concussion management helps with the child’s recovery, especially for those who are at risk for a prolonged concussion. 

Dr. Sue Kirelik Discusses Concussion Prevention

When To Call the OrthoONE Pediatric Center for Concussion

While we are unable to give out specific medical advice to parents of a patient who has not been seen in our clinic, we are happy to provide general information and resources to medical providers, schools, ATC’s, coaches and EMS providers. Our physicians are able to consult directly with physicians about their specific patients. 

Physician to physician discussion about treatment and/or recommendations for tertiary care

Call us at 303-861-2663 if:

  1. You have questions about consulting with a multi-disciplinary team.
  2. You would like community trainings for coaches, parents or schools/EMS/ATCs.
  3. You need recommendations for concussion care.
  4. You need neurocognitive testing — computer-based baseline post-injury assessment.