Dr. Mark Tuttle explains that some knee implant problems could be caused by allergies.

September 11, 2020

"It's not very common. It's common in people who do aggressive cutting and pivoting, so exactly what Von does," explained Dr. Kareem Sobky, and...

She nearly lost an arm when she was shot at Columbine High School in 1999, but doctors saved her life and her limb. Twenty one years later, Kacey...

Dr. Laurel Benson, orthopedic surgeon at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, is doing her best to help pediatric patients deal with having...

A Q & A with Dr. Joseph Assini, Orthopedic Surgeon, Swedish Medical Center.

OrthoONE at North Suburban Medical Center, a practice located in Thornton that provides comprehensive orthopedic services, welcomes new provider...

Dr. Kareem Sobky and Dr. Mark Tuttle, two OrthoONE physicians at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, specialize in active lifestyle orthopedics...

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Sharecare: We spoke with Kareem Sobky, MD, an Orthopedic Surgeon with Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center in Denver, Colorado, about what ...

Local doctor breaks down what goes into speed skating at the Olympics.

Merging of orthopedic practices will bring advanced care to one brand name.

Congratulations to North Suburban Medical Center on being awarded an “A” from the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades.

Congratulations to Swedish Medical Center on being awarded an “A” from the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades.

Congratulations to Swedish Medical Center on being awarded an “A” from the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades.

Congratulations to Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center on being awarded an “A” from the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades.

Colorado Health & Wellness magazine interviewed Dr. Mark Hammerberg about this muscle-sparing technique

Bones provide the human body with a strong and flexible framework. But, for those living with bone deformities, their bones are often extremely...

Dr. David Hahn is on the cover of Recruit Military, where he credits his success as a surgeon to his military career and mentors.

Dr. Hahn placed an implant in a man who hasn't been able to walk since he was a toddler who suffered a rocket attack in Afghanistan. A remote...

Dr. Jaren Riley gives the Salem family's adopted child life-changing treatment.

Voice of the Denver Broncos Dave Logan interviews Dr. Fran Faro about the viability of ankle replacements and who makes a good candidate.

Dave Logan, voice of the Denver Broncos, interviews Dr. John Woodward about the latest technologies that make hip replacements refined and successful...

KOA Radio personality and Denver Broncos announcer Dave Logan interviews Dr. Joseph Assini about one of the most successful medical procedures...

Severe arthritis required both of Kevin Wagner's feet to be amputated. With Dr. David Hahn at his side and prosthetics, he is walking again.

Video: Dave Logan, Voice of the Denver Broncos, discusses knee replacement and joint pain management with Dr. Chang.

Dr. David Hahn helps a young mom get back in action by grafting a titanium "cage," similar to the truss design used in the Eiffel Tower, to her...

January 31, 2017

Innovative replacement technique vaults many patients back to their active lifestyles.

As Seen in “Welcome Home of Denver” Dr. Dennis Chang, explains the importance of joint health for winter sports.

Sharecare: There’s no one cause of osteoarthritis, yet many people assume that knuckle cracking can contribute to the joint disease. The answer...

Video: Woman Recovers From Rare Cancer, 2-Day Surgery

Video: Hombre recupera movilidad gracias a hospital (Man Regains Mobility Thanks to Hospital)

November 02, 2016

Sharecare: The 4 Worst Things for Your Bones

Wooten survived childhood cancer; will have her leg removed to improve quality of life

September 12, 2016

Advances in orthopedics can answer that question sooner than you think.

September 05, 2016

Sharecare reached out to Dr. Joseph Assini to prescribe some delicious foods that can help prevent arthritis and bone loss. “Definitely vitamins...